Miro´s Blue Bird

The blue is cerulean

that miro sees 

when he closes his eyes

to paint the bird 

that flies across his mind

that moves his hand

to follow a line 

that now lifts the blue bird

into a yellow sky


The song is catalan 

that miro sings

to the simple people

he admired 

the peasant eating soup

from a plain wooden bowl

rather than what he called

the ridiculously

sumptuous meals of the rich 


The soil is alive

that miro turns

in his lush garden of

animated creatures

colored in the deepest red 

the blackest black

moons and stars and shapes

all dancing in a sky

of that cerulean blue


The flight at night

that miro loved

the world he said

seen from a plane at night

is marvelous

tonight he will paint 

a giant foot and leg with a

small head and neck and

a single yellow eye


Arn Strasser

published in TERRAIN (2018)



MIRO'S BLUE BIRD Inspired by Joan Miro I Work Like A Gardener, Princeton Architectural Press, 2017.  

Arn Strasser Visual Artist, Poet and Writer